Would you like to use this web based Race Counter for your Flyball Tournament?

It’s very easy, and it’s FREE. Here’s what’s involved:

1) Tell me you want to use I’d like as much notice as possible so I don’t have to rush to set it all up. Just email me at

2) Send me your racing schedule as soon as it’s finalized via email.

3) The day of your tournament, you’ll need a computer, laptop or smart phone that can connect to the internet and someone to select the races as they come up.

4) Prior to the tournament, depending on when I get your racing schedule, you’ll be given the exact web addresses for you to run the program.

5) You’ll also be given a web addresses that you and your tournament attendees can use to see which race number (or the actual team names if you want) are On Deck, as well as racing.

If you want to test it yourself prior to deciding if you want this for your tournament, email me and I’ll give you a test admin section and WebPages.


Terri Parrow Botsford
Flyball team: Formerly of  FBI of Springfield, VA
Now of Syracuse Flyball in Syracuse, NY

My Flyball Dogs: Skipper/retired, Stella/retired, Scully/retired, Baklava and Sydney

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